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MOS compliant

Octopus7 is an open-architecture newsroom solution. It can be integrated with many third-party systems and devices through its support of the MOS and CII protocols that allow working with a wide range of systems. This gives customers a free choice of the best products for every area of the newsroom, and confidence that these will integrate flawlessly into the NRCS.

Octopus7 supports a placeholder workflow with media management and playout systems. MOS ActiveX is supported, which is particularly useful for adding real-time graphics to the rundown. Prompter integration allows sending rich text, meaning that colours and formatting from the script can be displayed on compatible prompters.

Last but not least, Octopus7 can integrate with many appropriate environments. These include social websites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, the Octopus Mobile application that connects with any smartphone, and the Octopus NLE Plug-in that allows editing both video and text at the same time on one screen.


The previous version of the Octopus application programming interface (API) has only been used by the internal modules. Now Octopus7 opens up this communication interface between the NRCS and custom third-party applications. The new Octopus REST API is defined as a set of HTTP request messages, along with a definition of the structure of response messages in the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. This means that the variety of data that can be retrieved from Octopus7 via the API is very broad and includes not just the stories, scripts and rundowns but also wires, user assignments and much more.

NLE Plugin

The Octopus NLE plugin fully integrates Apple Final Cut and Adobe Premiere Pro CS into the Octopus newsroom computer system workflow. As a result, all video clips that are available in the Octopus system can be searched and viewed in the Octopus plug-in. The clip metadata are sent via standard MOS protocol. It also means that while editing a video clip, users also have full access to Octopus stories and scripts.

The Octopus plug-in enables both video from the NLE and text from the NRCS to be simultaneously displayed and edited on one screen. At the same time reporters can easily select raw material from any Octopus client machine with the option of browsing a low-res copy. When the edited is complete and the clip saved, the automation system links it with an Octopus clip placeholder which can then be included in the rundown.

Social Media Integration

Reach out to your audience directly with Octopus7! Working with social media is essential in any modern newsroom, Octopus7 offers the tools to efficiently manage both social media contributions and monitoring.

Get your posts out faster - upload a video to YouTube, advertise your programme on Facebook or Tweet breaking news straight from Octopus7. Multiple accounts for each social network are supported, so journalists can publish directly to their programmes account. Octopus7 will end the social media free for all, each post can be reviewed in a publishing queue and posts must be approved before they go out to the web.

There is no faster way to receive Tweets than with Octopus7 – query Twitter in real-time for topics of interest and be notified instantly when a new Tweet is posted. Or, follow influential Tweeters and subscribe to YouTube channels to have every new post from those sources downloaded straight to Octopus7. All posts downloaded to Octopus7 are fully searchable.