Here’s why Octopus is perfect for eSports production

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-04-10

Did you know that the world’s largest eSports channels use Octopus for their entire eSports production process, and to broadcast live gaming tournaments to millions of passionate viewers worldwide? Octopus also enables eSports production for WebTV so you can reach your digital community.

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Success Story - Switch TV Kenya

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-03-13

Switch TV is one of Africa's most recently established broadcast channels that broad-cast hip shows, movies, series, ...

Octopus Newsroom unveils the latest wave of innovations for newsroom production at NAB 201¨9

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-03-12

This year is special. Octopus Newsroom will unveil the latest newsroom production system that raises new horizons for...

The new Octopus iReporter app will revolutionise how you cover breaking stories

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-03-08

​Make sure to visit Octopus Newsroom at this year’s IBC Show to be amongst the first ones to see the new Octopus iRep...

Switching to Octopus is easy

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, Gabriel Janko, 2019-02-27

Switching to Octopus NRCS is easier than you think and will have a minimum impact on your existing set-up, production...

Why is Octopus the future of Newsrooms?

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-02-22

​​With nearly 20 years of manufacturing and crafting newsroom computer software, we have dedicated our lives to devel...

2001: New Horizons and World Altering Events

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-02-14

2001 was world-changing. To take you back into the past, 9/11 occurred with the annihilation of the twin towers in Ne...

1999 - Octopus Celebrates 20 Years of Success in NRCS

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-02-01

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Octopus Newsroom, today the world leader in the development and supply of newsroom...

Season's Greetings and Happy New Year from Octopus Newsroom

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2018-12-17

Octopus Newsroom would like to wish all our customers and partners Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year! 2018 has...

PPTV HD Thailand Invests in Octopus Newsroom Automation

David Kirk, Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2018-12-11

Bangkok, Thailand – Octopus announces the completion of a newsroom computer system at the Bangkok headquarters of Tha...

What we’ve learned at the NAT EXPO, Moscow

David Kirk, Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2018-11-02

Octopus Newsroom Sales Director Gabriel Jankó reports a lively and well-attended NAT EXPO in Moscow. Gabriel visited ...

Astro Awani Migrates to Octopus 8

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2018-10-31

"Octopus 8 is highly compatible with our Grass Valley broadcast system," comments Astro AWANI’s Head of Operations, ...

La Télé in Lausanne upgrades newsroom to Octopus 8

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2018-09-14

​Swiss television broadcaster La Télé - TV Vaud-Fribourg SA has chosen Octopus 8 and INCITE MAM as a key element of i...