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Cable Noticias is a Columbian 24-hour news channel that for over 4-years has been reaping the benefits of the Octopus Newsroom System. 

Based in Bogotá and with Octopus at the heart of its newsroom workflow, Cable Noticias has been expanding from a smaller national station to an international news agency and is currently broadcasting to the majority of Latin America to a reach of millions.

Engineering Advisor Jorge E. Ramirez Camelo explains “Once we started using Octopus, it transformed the way we could deliver news. The versatility for all our users including editors, journalists and operational people allowed us to collaborate on stories that before was impossible.”

One of the main challenges that was solved for Cable Noticias was the agility and speed at which news stories could be created and modified.  On creating stories, an intuitive creation suite allows journalists to easily find historical elements for insertion as well empowering editors a fast turnaround concerning the location and insertion of text, graphic objects and videos. The flexibility of Octopus has meant fewer human resources to manage complex operations, as well as the versatility to react to late breaking news stories.

Camelo continues "It was important that the system could easily integrate into our existing technology investments. The system at our studio headquarters is linked with our Imagine Nexio servers, Vizrt graphics and Autocue teleprompters. Scripts for the newsreaders can be exported direct from Octopus to the teleprompter. And the system is fully integrated into the playout process with full bi-directional synchronisation between both systems."

In addition, Octopus fully supports a multi operating environment, which in the case of Cable Noticias, includes a substantial MAC environment that hosts many of their editing applications including Apple’s Final Cut NLE.

Camelo concludes “Service and support was a very important selection criteria for us when we originally implemented the Octopus system. The ongoing support has been excellent and has been fundamental in improving the quality of our news delivery which has been critical in our international growth.”


Since the installation in 2015, Octopus has become an indispensable NCRS tool for Cable Noticias which is evidenced by its increase in viewers and expansion across Latin America. Octopus has been a major contribution to their success by streamlining news workflows, improving man-power efficiency and making it easier to share content across their entire spectrum of programming. In addition, the Octopus social media module has increased customer reach by empowering journalists to publish stories direct to social media, creating a new genre of audience.



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