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    Declaration of processing of personal data Under The Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council On the protection of natural persons about the processing of personal data (GDPR).


    I. The controller of personal data

    OCTOPUS Newsroom s.r.o. Nad Tratí 6, Prague 6 160 00, Prague Czech Republic, 24 May 2018, would like to inform you, in accordance with article 12 GDPR, about the processing of your personal data and about your rights.


    II. The scale of processing of personal data

    Personal data are processed in the extent in which they were provided by the subject. Personal data will be processed in connection with the entering into a contract or other legal act with the controller.


    III. Sources of the personal data

    Directly from the data subject (e-mail, phone, chat, website, the contact form on the web, social networks, business cards, international tradeshows and verbal information)

    Public registers, public lists and filing systems (business register, trade register, cadastral register, public telephone list)


    IV. Categories of personal data, which are undergoing processing

    Identification data and address which served for the unambiguous and unmistakable identification of the data subject (name, surname, date of birth, address, IN, TIN) and contact data (phone number, fax number, e-mail address, company, company email, job title, country and city)

    Descriptive data (The data will be used by Octopus Newsroom employees only, and may be shared with Other Octopus Newsroom offices outside of the European Union)

    Other data necessary for the contact

    Data provided beyond the applicable laws processed within the framework of the granted consent (processing of photo).


    V. Use of personal data

    The use of personal data is always in accordance with the reason for the assembly or other legal claims. 


    VI. The processing time of personal data

    In accordance with the deadlines specified in the relevant contracts, the administrator's record and retention order, or the relevant legislation, it is the necessary time to ensure the rights and obligations flowing from both the obligation relationship and the applicable legal regulations.


    VII. Security of the personal data

    The administrator takes care of personal data protection. Personal information is protected against unauthorized use, access or disclosure.


    VIII. Changes to the statement of the principles of GDPR

    Octopus Newsroom s.r.o reserves the right to update the statement. Each review will show the "last update" date.


    IX. Contact

    Inquiries about personal data protection are directed to the contacts listed below.


    Address: OCTOPUS Newsroom s.r.o.

    Nad Tratí 6, Prague 6,

    160 00, Prague Czech Republic

    Telephone: +420 221 181 511

    Date: 24 May 2018