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How to create a Story from Start to Finish
So you are wondering how does our NRCS software works in the Newsroom? No more theory, here is a practical example
Integration with Quantel
This is a video from one our Technology partners, see how Octopus and Quantel work together
How is Octopus integrated in a Newsroom?
This clip from one of our customers shows how our software is making newsroom operations efficient
Web CMS Integration
Octopus directly interconnects with CMS systems such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, enabling scripts and articles to be uploaded dynamically to web portals.
Octopus & Vizrt HTML5 plugin
Editing the rundown, adding Video and Graphics with PilotX a product from our MOS partner Vizrt.
Octopus & EVS Integration
See how IPDirector content management system provides instant access and efficient control of EVS server live video content