Just a few reasons why Octopus is considered to be one of the most innovative newsroom solutions

Scripting and rundown management

End-to-end rundown management

From the creation of the rundown - based on a template or plain from scratch - all the way to archiving Octopus offers the most versatile and powerful features live broadcasters are ever likely to need.


Quick story creation buttons

As live production can be a stressful job with very little time to react, Octopus 8.1. introduces the quick story creation buttons which are available in every rundown and story folder.


Precise rundown timing

In the rundown, Octopus 8 offers all required timing information including planned duration, real duration, back-time, hit time, countdown and many other options. Customisable slug colours, status colours and forms are available to all users.


Double-column scripting

The Octopus story script is separated into two parts to visually divide the technical details from the script itself.


Visual script history

Identify changes in your script using the story history where users can easily compare any two versions of the same story and see the differences highlighted with various colours.


Library of banned words

A list of banned words can be defined in Octopus along with the recommended alternatives that users should choose instead of using the unwanted terms.



Planning and workflow management

Assignment Calendar

The Octopus 8 assignment desk helps organise and delegate tasks to one or multiple users, based on a modern planning calendar.


Flexible and customisable news workflows

The Octopus system can easily be configured and customised to fulfil the workflow requirements of any broadcasters, no matter of the size, language or other factors. In case the workflow needs changes in the future, the system can be very easily reconfigured without any custom development.


Contacts and guest management

The core Octopus system includes effective contact management allowing users to store and manage all their contacts in a secure, central location. Access rights and usability can be set for each contact individually.


Editorial and approval workflows

The Octopus system can ensure that all the scripts, video materials, CG and other content published to a running order, social media or website are approved according to the requirements of each newsroom.


Management of all incoming feeds

Octopus 8.1 helps you collect all your incoming feeds from various news agency sources, emails, field reporters and many other sources. The system can handle and display text and images as well as video and audio materials in the same view.


Link “anything to anything” easily

Octopus 8.1 supports the easy drag & drop and linking of any objects within the system. Users can link wires to stories, archived stories to active stories, media files to an assignment, URL, images, or PDF files to a contact, etc.


Social media, web and field reporters

Collaboration across multiple platforms

Octopus 8.1. enables multiple users from multiple teams to collaborate on various topics and rundowns, no matter what the output platforms would be (TV, radio, social media, web CMS, etc.)


Social media integration

Octopus integrates with the most popular social media platforms in both directions, meaning that users can search the content of these platforms and follow hashtags and keywords. They can also publish to one or multiple accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other platforms. The Octopus 8 Social Media Hub also tracks the feedback from your followers.


Website CMS Connectivity

Octopus 8 directly interconnects with web CMS systems such as Joomla, WordPress or CoreMedia, enabling scripts and articles to be uploaded dynamically to web portals.


Octopus Journalist App

Remote users as well as in-house reporters can enhance their experience and access the system from their cell phone or tablet using the Octopus Journalist App


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User friendly technology

Same client interface everywhere

Thanks to the system design and web based technologies used in Octopus, users would always work with the same interface no matter whether they are in the newsroom, at home or in the field.


Cross-Platform client and server

Octopus is designed to run natively on any major operating system, be it Windows, OS X or Linux. There is no need for a parallel operating system, no additional licensing, and no remote sessions.


Support for all languages

The Octopus system supports input in any of the world's languages thanks to its support for Unicode. Even the GUI can be translated to any language that the customer decides to use. Simultaneous operation in multiple languages is fully supported.


Floating licensing model

Octopus system licensing is based on concurrent user connections. Instead of purchasing seat licenses, customers need only purchase the number of floating licenses required to support concurrent users


MOS compliant

Octopus 8 fully supports the Emmy-award winning MOS technology to ensure that the system can be integrated into any environment and workflow that supports the same protocol. It fully supports the placeholder workflow, thumbnails and proxy preview, item status, channel assignments and many other commands.


Support for HTML5 and MOS ActiveX plugins

As a MOS-compliant system, Octopus 8 supports not just the ActiveX technology but also the latest HTML5-based plugins. Whereas ActiveX is being phased out due to its limited compatibility, HTML5 plugins are OS and platform agnostic, offering support for Windows (including Windows 10), OS X, Linux computers, tablets and mobile devices.


PostgreSQL database

Octopus uses a powerful relational database with SQL to store the data. This delivers many advantages such as better data security and maintenance, consistency in the data and of course speed and efficiency.


REST API interface and exports

Octopus 8 provides an easy to use REST API, available via HTTP. This interface allows customers to build their own applications which can communicate and exchange certain data with the newsroom system. Octopus 8 also supports manual and automated exports and imports.


In a

  • • Cross-platform client and server
  • • Modern architecture based on an SQL database
  • • Fully MOS-compliant
  • • Modern user interface
  • • Support for ActiveX and HTML5 plugins
  • • Mobile app for iOS and Android™
  • • Social media integration with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
  • • Management reports
  • • Flexible web CMS integration
  • • Assignment desk with customisable calendars
  • • Support for topic centric workflow
  • • Automatic rundown scheduler and archiver
  • • Floating licensing model
  • • Built-in messaging system
  • • Multilingual user interface
  • • Support for simultaneous multiple languages
  • • REST API and exports
  • • Wire, RSS, email, fax and SMS handling, including handling of media
  • • Contacts and guest management
  • • Support for multi-monitor setup 

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