Petr Stokuc


Petr defines and controls the corporate strategic vision. If you want to discuss the big picture, he is the right person.

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Gabriel Janko

Sales Director

Gabriel is responsible for business development and strategies in Europe and the Americas. Book a demo with Gabriel to see our latest products.

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Lukas Kotek


Lukas is responsible for aligning our strategy with market opportunities. Book a demo with him to discuss latest trends.

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Gianluca Bertuzzi

Sales Manager Africa & Latin America

If you want to discuss business opportunities in LATAM and Africa, get in touch with Gianluca.

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Miro Rusko

APAC Director

Leading the APAC office, Miro heads the business development in the region as well as the iReporter platform.

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Milan Varga

Technology Partners Manager

Milan is in charge of integration and testing with our technology partners. He is the right person to talk to about new possibilities.

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Eva Planickova

News Production advisor & trainer

Eva, an experienced journalist, has an in-depth understanding of the journalist's point of view and therefore can help you to design the best workflow for your team.

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Adam Panes

Adam and his team of engineers provide highly professional support to all new and existing customers. Do you have any questions about our support?

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Gene Sudduth

National Sales Director for North America

Gene is responsible for the business development in North America.

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Ciprian Lupsa

Scrum Master & Projects Manager

Ciprian is taking care of the projects from the day 1. Book a meeting with him to discuss the latest developments.

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Jan Polak

Head of projects APAC

Jan is designing the workflows, managing the projects and taking care of VIP customers across the APAC region.

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Peter Grena

Marketing manager

Peter is in charge of the overall marketing of the company. You can discuss with him all the cooperation opportunities.

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For example +420 221 181 520


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