Visit us at NAB 2022

Where Content Comes To Life

April 23 – 27, 2022

Visit us at NAB 2022

Where Content Comes To Life

April 23 – 27, 2022

Let’s meet in Las Vegas!

And … we’re back at it!

We are thrilled to see our friends and partners again at the NAB Show 2022! Las Vegas Convention Center will be the venue for the introduction of the newest version of Octopus NRCS as well as the presentation of KO:R and iReporter’s latest improvements and updates.

Use the code LV7382 to get a free exhibit pass and meet us at booth C1420 (Central Hall). See you there!

Booth Nr.:
April 23-27, 2022
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Discover everything we have prepared for you


A new take on storytelling

From planning to video gathering to delivery, we’ve got you covered.


Because we want to create the perfect combination of power and beauty in your newsroom, we have streamlined the look and feel of our system to help you produce faster and flawlessly. Our classic quick newsgathering, collaborative scripting, integrated workflows, and diverse publishing are powered by a new user interface that is easy to use and tailored to your needs.

Easy to use

Octopus 11 beautiful UI allows even easier navigation. All across the system edges are softer, graphics are sharper, and spaces are thought-through.


Octopus 11 provides for more personalization in many sections of the system and remembers the changes regardless of where you launch it from.

Dark mode

Octopus now works in the dark! To provide you with a better experience, our UI is now available in a dark palette. Dark mode is not just trendy, but it is also ideal for teams working in dark spaces such as PCR rooms.

“Octopus is constantly developing. As we listen to the needs of our customers and market trends, we have a big surprise for all those interested in our NRCS. Stay tuned to hear more about what is coming next .”
Gabriel Janko, COO and Sales Director at Octopus.


Is a professional video gathering platform that allows you to easily collect multimedia content that could not be otherwise collected by a traditional camera crew.

This product empowers you to directly engage with stringers and crowd reporters and put them at the center of your storytelling.

Citizens become reporters. So, you can see the world through their cameras!

«iReporter is an excellent tool that will help turn your audience into crowd reporters. Thanks to iReporter you will be the first in the field and acquire high-quality unique content.»
Jan Polak, Product Owner


Is a multi-platform cloud-based planning and collaboration tool designed to allow teams of all sizes to collaborate remotely by sharing files, tasks, incoming information, and other digital workspaces available for content creation.

Empower your production team to  plan, do, and track  your work. All in one place. 

«KO:R was created for everyone. It fills the market need for a customizable planning tool that would adapt to the workflows of broadcasters, rather than the other way around, where teams need to modify their habits to make the tool functional.»  
Lukas Kotek, Product Owner

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