The challenge

Public demand for broadcast and online news is growing rapidly thanks to an ever wider choice of news sources and viewing platforms. This growing demand has created a challenge for news providers. How to produce creative and high-quality content without spending huge amounts of time and resources?


The Octopus + VSN solution

Octopus Newsroom is now cooperating closely with VSN, integrating the Octopus 8.1 Newsroom Computer System and VSNEXPLORER MAM to deliver a robust news production environment that enhances the video workflows of journalists, editors and producers.


The benefits

The VSN-Octopus united interface places an end-to-end solution at each journalist’s fingertips and creates a unique tool for news and live events workflows. Configure the system to match your journalists’ daily needs with all sources and archived content centralised for easy access. Ingest, planning, searching, editing and publishing can all be achieved within a unified workflow. While journalists create their stories in Octopus, video editors work on VSNEXPLORER MAM to consolidate the news assets in its editor or the NLE of their choice.

Once the story and the assets are ready in Octopus, VSNEXPLORER MAM ensures all assets are available on the video-servers, perfectly synchronized with the approved rundown coming from Octopus and ready to be aired.

Thanks to MOS synchronization, every change made in Octopus is reflected in the playout in real time and it is possible to track what is being cued or stopped, or any missing assets on the video-server. Having such bidirectional synch between tools improves communication between departments

Finally Octopus 8.1 is the ultimate tool to create news rundowns, discover and curate social media content to use in news production, bringing content from social media into graphics playout.


See it in action

Octopus and VSN will exhibit their solution portfolios at NAB 2018 and showcase this integration.

See Octopus on booth SL7627 at NAB to learn more about great opportunities created by this partnership.


Not attending NAB? That’s covered too. We will also be offering post-show webinars and, by request, one-to-one demos.


Would you like to see more on how this integration works? 

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