Octopus is used by numerous radio stations worldwide, in various languages, at multiple locations, and on a variety of devices. Users enjoy genuine freedom, unparalleled flexibility, and easy integration with 60+ partners, including all the leading radio automation systems.

Tune in with Octopus

Refined editorial workflows

The system has everything that modern radio broadcasters may need, including easy yet robust rundown management, collaborative story production, planning, scheduling content, editorial approvals, and digital and linear publishing.

Quick newsgathering
Story-centric workflows
Collaborative script
Multiplatform distribution

Smart integrations

Support for RSS feeds and news agencies, integration with MAM and playout systems, and automation systems provides radio stations will full control over their production.

MAM-driven workflows
Automated production
AI-powered workflows
Intuitive user interface centralizing command of integrated tools

Effortless management of commercial breaks

Integrations with the latest technologies for playout automation and control system for radio allows stations to effortlessly transition from a show to commercial breaks, and then rejoin seamlessly. What’s more, you can manage last minute changes when broadcasting adds and jingles in the rundown view.

Manage fast-paced changes
Seamless transitions

Multisite production

Octopus multisite feature enables radio stations to consolidate around a single newsroom supplier to give their news teams a consistent workflow, fast interchange of information and simpler systems management.

Reduce operational costs
Easy content exchange
Collaborate from anywhere

Centralized guest management

Octopus offers a management solution for organizing guest speakers. In Octopus you can create invites for guests to appear on your show and monitor the status of the invitations. Avoid additional work and confusion. Because your visitor information is organized in one location, all involved team members will be aware of the status of invites and particular needs for guests.

Contact information is stored in a single location
Limit access to exclusive contacts

Aces up our sleeve

Octopus 11 Journalist App

Octopus 11 Journalist App

Send voice-recorded interviews back to base for editorial review and processing – connecting directly to your Octopus NRCS (Newsroom Computer Systems) 

Access your rundowns, stories, and folders from the field  

Produce content remotely

Use the built-in teleprompter

Octopus KO:R

Octopus KO:R

Plan tasks and organize pending work for your stories  

Create spaces for content sharing (files, incoming sources)  

Collaborate remotely with your production team   

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