Web TV

Approximately 4.93 billion people have access to and use the internet frequently. These numbers certainly have impacted the way information is delivered. Octopus prepares Web TV providers to engage audiences in a digital world.

The newsroom system for digital-first production

Remote production

The Octopus Journalist App makes the system available to users that are outside the newsroom. Whether you are on the field or working from home, you can access wires, rundowns, and planning items from your mobile devices.

Create stories on the go
Create stories on the go
Use the built-in prompter mode
Use the built-in prompter mode

Fine digital publishing

Octopus integrates with social media and CMS systems to power digital publishing and leverage social networks usage. Social media is given a dual use, as a news source and as a platform for sharing your best stories.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
WordPress, Joomla, CoreMedia, Frankly

Easy to scale

Its well-designed architecture and integration capabilities allow the system to work very well even with some of the simplest and most cost-effective production tools and graphics systems that some smaller Web TVs may choose. While also adapting to full-scale WebTV providers using complex production systems.

Grow at your own pace
Integrate with cutting-edge technology for graphics, MAM and playout systems, automation, and more


Octopus is made up of many modules, from which you can select only those that meet your needs. Don’t pay for the rest. Even the core modules provide you with the most effective tools for show production.

Save on initial investments
Get only what you need

Flexible and customizable

Octopus adapts to you, and not the other way around.

Personalize the appearance of your interface
On-premise solution
Fully cloud solution

Aces up our sleeve

Octopus 11 Journalist App

Octopus 11 Journalist App

Produce content remotely   

Access your rundowns, stories, and folders from the field

Use the built-in mobile teleprompter   



Gather videos from contributors to complement your news

Report on weather and traffic updates

Expand the reach of your camera crew

Octopus KO:R

Octopus KO:R

Plan tasks for your news

Create spaces for content sharing (files, incoming sources)

Collaborate remotely with your production team

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