The partnership sees Octopus 11 features available to Bitcentral customers, including advanced newsgathering, planning, and collaboration tools. 

Octopus 11 and Bitcentral

Bitcentral, the provider of award-winning efficient media workflows for broadcast and digital video, is expanding its long-term partnership with the innovative Octopus Newsroom team by making its leading news production system (NRCS), Octopus 11, available to Bitcentral customers.

Octopus 11 enables customers to unlock improved productivity through a revamped user interface, native device support (PC, MacOS, iOS, and Android), and advanced newsgathering, planning, and collaboration tools.


Main advantages

Fully compatibility with Bitcentral’s Core News™ products

Octopus 11, the flagship system launched in 2022 after thorough analysis of content gathering and production needs remote, on premise, and hybrid, provides the ability to facilitate editorial collaboration between team members at every stage of the production process for TV broadcasters. This includes publishing content beyond traditional audiences with full broadcast integration for digital, websites and social media. By being fully compatible with Bitcentral’s Core News products, Octopus 11 offers modern news technology solutions that will enable Bitcentral’s customers to manage the entire lifecycle of live and pre-recorded content.

With more than 15,000 daily users and over 300 customers globally, Octopus 11 is an essential NRCS for broadcasters everywhere. It was developed with a user-first attitude, and we know that we share this desire to anticipate industry needs and provide innovative and evolutionary solutions with Bitcentral. This integration is the latest step in a long-running partnership. We look forward to utilizing the company’s expertise and helping its enviable customer set of news stations succeed in the next era of broadcasting

Milan Varga

Product Manager at Octopus Newsroom

Remote news production

Octopus 11 works perfectly as an on-premise NRCS or in the cloud for remote production, providing stations with the flexibility to collaborate, produce rundowns, create scripts, share videos, and post to social media in one system. The seamless process of Octopus 11 enables Bitcentral customers to adapt to new workflows, empowering them to produce, direct, and host entire shows and newscasts remotely.

Octopus 11 is an ideal solution for media companies looking for a smooth interface that shapes cleaner workflows and produces high-quality content, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve. Bitcentral customers now have access to a more intuitive interface that reduces the time it takes to adapt to the NRCS, saving essential resources and money. Through this integration, we are helping broadcasters take storytelling to the next level with a fully flexible and adaptable solution for any environment

Sam Peterson

COO of Bitcentral

About Bitcentral, Inc.

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