The largest private Swiss TV provider CH Media has selected Octopus X to be the heart of their newly built, centralized, multichannel newsroom. CH Media reaches around two million people through regional newspapers and online portals, radio and TV stations and magazines. With over 2,000 employees, it’s one of the largest media companies in Switzerland.

TeleZüri and the associated regional TV stations TVO, Tele M1, Tele 1 and TeleBärn will utilize Octopus’ advanced collaboration features, accessibility from any devices, as well as tight integrations with Primestream and Ross Video to deliver quality news to their viewers. The complete project is managed by AVC-Systems, one of the leading Swiss system integrators.

Currently the channels are using 5 independent newsroom systems from 3 different vendors, all integrated with MAM, playout and graphics systems from various vendors. Unifying all these workflows with a single Octopus X system will be a great showcase of the system’s flexibility.

CH Media aims to streamline their story-centric workflow and increase their productivity by unifying the toolset in their brand-new facilities. Journalists from all five channels will be able to work independently in their own, dedicated work areas, yet they would be able to share resources, wires, contacts and media in case of necessity.

Thanks to the modern architecture of the Octopus X system, users will have easy access to archived materials, stories, rundowns and even social media posts from the newsroom or anywhere remotely.

In addition to its rich core functionalities, CH Media will also take advantage of the advanced metadata exchange between Octopus X and Primestream’s Xchange Asset Management system. This will allow journalists to utilize their media archive to its full potential. Octopus X will also provide CH Media an open REST API that will allow custom integrations and workflows.

Gabriel Janko, COO & Sales Director at Octopus Newsroom, “We are very proud that CH Media chose Octopus X to unify and modernize their production. Octopus prepares customers for future trends and shifts, while also providing a modern and flexible platform for the present. CH Media followed closely our recent major implementations in the region, including projects in Telebasel, La Télé, Welt and BILD so we believe they made a decision about Octopus X with a lot of confidence”.

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