As we all know, broadcasting is a competitive industry where success doesn´t come without craft and technology. Processing and delivering stories efficiently and at an adequate speed require appropriate tools, which highly trained professionals use. Let´s look closer at how Octopus 12 and Vbox News integration allows for seamless news production.

The newsroom, the studio, and the media management must be three parts of a device that connects people in a single collaborative effort. However, each of these three activities has different tempos and natures, and the workflow of one habitat must not hamper the operability of the other two. Newsrooms are the brain and the heart of news production, and the NRCS makes them run smoothly and efficiently.

After a long evolution guided by the thousands of journalists using it worldwide for decades, Octopus 12 is today the most powerful and flexible tool to streamline production in television newsrooms. It adapts to any workflow, story-centric as well as traditional rundown-centric, streamlining the entire news production from news gathering through planning and assignments to rundown creation and digital publishing all the way to archiving and reporting. Octopus 12 and the complementary tools can go beyond the traditional physical newsroom, combining on-premises and web capabilities to gather news in real-time, allowing collaboration between journalists and people far away from each other.

Vbox News was designed to be part of this ensemble, performing the playout in the studio with full reliability and flexibility, helping editors and operators concentrate on the flow of the live program. VBox News is always fully synchronized with the newsroom, exchanging rundown modifications and the status of each story in real-time. It allows the studio to follow the newsroom or to take control, depending on the circumstances (who is in the studio, what’s going on, etc). It is also flexible in its way of interacting with the people and the equipment in the studio, controlling the mixer or being controlled by it, feeding the video, or working as a shotbox.

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