Thank you for the IBC2019

Peter Grena, 2019-09-24

We want to thank all our customers, visitors and partners for very successful IBC

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Octopus wins the IBC Innovation Awards with ETV Bharat

Peter Grena, 2019-09-16

Octopus is a part of the technology partners team for ETV Bharat and receives the #IBC Innovation Awards in the categ...

Octopus to modernize the newsroom of TV 2/Bornholm

Peter Grena, 2019-09-13

TV 2/Bornholm choose Octopus X as their NRCS. They will use social media integration, custom exports and many new fea...

2003 to 2007 - Octopus becomes a major player in NRCS

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-08-21

​2003 saw Octopus start to build on its earlier success in India and its reputation started to spread. Primarily with...

You are invited to our open-house in Taipei, Taiwan

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-07-24

We're happy to announce that we'll be joining our partners in Taipei, Taiwan. The open house event welcomes anyone in...

Octopus to demo at the 2019 Grassvalley Road Show in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-07-23

We're happy to announce that Octopus Newsroom will be participating with our strategic partner at the upcoming 2019...

Success Story - BRCTV13 News Channel, Pennsylvania, USA

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-07-14

Blue Ridge Communications News 13 is owned by Pencor Services, Inc. A Pennsylvanian news channel based out of Leighto...

2002 - The year of the Octopus!

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-05-21

In the news, George Bush was the US president, and since the atrocities of the previous year, dark clouds were loomin...

Here’s why Octopus is perfect for eSports production

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-04-10

Did you know that the world’s largest eSports channels use Octopus for their entire eSports production process, and t...

Success Story - Switch TV Kenya

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-03-13

Switch TV is one of Africa's most recently established broadcast channels that broad-cast hip shows, movies, series, ...

Octopus Newsroom unveils the latest wave of innovations for newsroom production at NAB 201¨9

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-03-12

This year is special. Octopus Newsroom will unveil the latest newsroom production system that raises new horizons for...

The new Octopus iReporter app will revolutionise how you cover breaking stories

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-03-08

​Make sure to visit Octopus Newsroom at this year’s IBC Show to be amongst the first ones to see the new Octopus iRep...

Switching to Octopus is easy

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, Gabriel Janko, 2019-02-27

Switching to Octopus NRCS is easier than you think and will have a minimum impact on your existing set-up, production...