Time management is a fundamental skill for any professional, both for individuals and groups. On an organizational level, time management makes a company more competitive and increases productivity levels; on the other hand, poor time management harms the performance of the company’s members, which is reflected in its costs and growth levels. 

Planning and prioritizing tasks is essential to manage time effectively. Projects are widely benefited by these activities. Breaking down a project into activities not only brings to light details that you may have overlooked, but it also helps you define the scope of the project and allows for healthy brainstorming with the right people. 

You gain time 

Planning your activities, assigning tasks to each member of the team, and setting deadlines for your projects and tasks means you can start working on them from the first minute of the next day. You will avoid the «let’s see… what are we going to do today» situation. 

You avoid packed inboxes 

If you are clear about your projects and duties, as well as your daily goal, you will undoubtedly check your inbox less frequently. Furthermore, having all your activities and materials organized on a single platform will keep you from drowning in a sea of emails. Notifications, search filters, and a calendar-organized agenda are the best ways to quickly identify tasks that need to be completed. 

You keep focus on what is important 

Having a clear roadmap of your goals and «that snapshot» of your “today” activities will direct your focus to the right place. Your greatest ally is a dashboard view of your scheduled tasks. With a clear perspective of the to-do activities, you can select which ones to prioritize, which ones require the input of other team members, and which ones will take you longer to complete. 

You work with more rhythm and intensity 

As previously said, having a picture of our to-do activities helps us to achieve things nearly immediately. Without a question, short- and long-term planning is a critical component of any personal productivity strategy. If you know what you need to do and when you need to do it working would be like dancing, the proper movements will just flow, making a wonderful routine. 

Importantly, marking things done makes you feel powerful. Once you have completed an activity and mark that done button or cross out the activity from your list you are on a roll. This gives you more energy and determination to start and complete other tasks. 

You have more free time 

By boosting your productivity, you will complete your tasks faster, giving you a lot more spare time. That means you will not only be able to take breaks during your working day, which is crucial for performing at your best all day, but you will also not have to prolong your day or, of course, take your work home. Furthermore, having more free time will help you to be more flexible, which means you will be able to accommodate all other activities that you did not anticipate and that have appeared throughout the day. 

You can reduce stress levels

And one of our favorites, task planning, might help you minimize stress. Most of the daily tension is caused by a lack of time. You must remember that task planning is an easy process that will just take a few minutes out of your day but will give you a lot back. Keep things organized and execute tasks on schedule. On this mantra, you will see how your stress levels plunge. 

Of course, you should also include some relaxation exercises and stress-reduction techniques in your to-do list. 

Here are some ideas on how to achieve all these  

  • Improve your workspaces 
  • Define the rules of the game 
  • Use tools to help you manage activities 
  • See your work clearly 
  • Streamline communication with your team 

KO:R is the project management platform you’ve been waiting for. It increases efficiency by directing organizational activities as a planning and collaboration tool. It gives teams a place to manage large projects and break them down into smaller tasks. Different views, such as the board, calendar, and daily agenda, provide a clearer picture of what must be done that day, week, or month. Assigning deadlines and priority levels, on the other hand, transfers emphasis to where it is required. KO:R is also a communication platform. The comment system allows the team to share ideas and suggestions. Additionally, it centralizes shared files so that they are accessible to everybody. 

Plan together and get it done. 

Try KO:R today, for free. No strings attached. 

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