Date: June 1-3, 2022

Location: Singapore Expo


We are looking forward to showcasing Octopus Newsroom at Broadcast Asia 2022 in Singapore! Register to the event here.

Meet our team attending the show! Arrange a chat to find the best solutions for your newsroom.

Attend our session on June 2nd at 14:50, Singapore EXPO to learn how our products make part of the new generation of broadcasting technology and infrastructure. You can also watch the session online.


A new take on storytelling

From planning to video gathering to delivery, we’ve got you covered.

Octopus 11, the newest member of the family  

With an even more user-friendly interface, Octopus 11 rich features enable script-to-screen management of story-centric and rundown-centric production. The system’s look has been redesigned and sculpted in response to customer feedback.  Improvements in the UI make navigation across the system easier and facilitate a quick adaptation of new users. Octopus 11 is also designed to blend with users’ workflows by providing greater plasticity in the toolbar and menu, making it more robust and adaptable than before. Congruent with the customer-focused approach, Octopus 11 is also bringing a dark mode to serve the natural low-light newsroom environments.  

Besides visual upgrades, the functionalities of the system have been strengthened. Remarkably, Octopus 11 has been fully tested to run on AWS. The system now serves users customers considering a fully-cloud, or hybrid installation. Moreover, it continues to be a forerunner in  

  • Quick newsgathering 
  • Integration with third-party devices  
  • Centralized planning  
  • Linear and digital publishing 
  • Multisite production 

iReporter, a video gathering platform to collect unique footage  

iReporter is an innovative video gathering platform that facilitates the exchange of multimedia content between organizations and crowd reporters. Videos offered by this product are fresh and unique as it extends the reach of typical camera crews. Also, it empowers broadcasters to directly engage with contributors and put them at the center of their storytelling. This product enables video gathering for breaking news, traffic updates, special events such as elections or summits, sports, and entertainment shows. 

iReporter responds to forward-looking media trends by triggering a direct engagement with the audience. This tool allows organizations to develop a deeper connection with audiences, that are no longer passive spectators but are actively engaged in storytelling. 

KO:R, the planning and collaboration tool for newsrooms  

KO:R, the youngest of Octopus’ products, will also be displayed at NAB this year. As a stand-alone planning and collaboration tool, it can be used in newsrooms with an outdated news production system that lacks planning features. As well as can serve the needs of newsrooms that do not use any software to manage news production. KO:R supports collaborative workflows and incorporates planning to story-centric production by offering spaces for newsgathering, storytelling, task management, and collaborative content creation.  

It supports broadcasters of all sizes. Being subscription-based, it adapts to the budgets and requirements of small and large enterprises. Plans and modules are customized to the requirements of the organization. Likewise, as a cloud-based solution, it operates in any browser and device with an internet connection. Relieving organizations from upfront infrastructure investments or having an IT team in-house to manage the upkeep. 

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