As the chief managing editor of Kalinga Media & Entertainment, Mr. Himansu Sekhar Khatua had a problem he needed to solve. He needed to implement a newsroom computer system that allowed the streamlining of the news media workflow from input to publication.

Kalinga TV & Entertainment is an Indian broadcast TV channel which prides itself on its unbiased and trustworthy news coverage across the historic state of Kalinga. Delivering news across traditional terrestrial TV, internet and mobile devices, Kalinga TV foundation is based on delivering a positive and responsible news coverage at a regional, national and global level.

Mr. Khatua explains “We needed a new system that could make us more efficient and productive. We needed to automate our rundown creations, have a structured editorial approval system and having intuitive reporting tools used by our journalists and news creators. When we explored the Octopus system, we were immediately impressed with its capabilities.

Octopus has been serving customers in India since 2002. It prides itself on its full design, implementation and training capabilities on a global basis.

Mr. Khatua continues “The Octopus system was installed in June 2015 and since that time we have created a system that can save us time, save us manpower and has proved to be a super-efficient  making our news flow simple yet secure.

As well as improving business process, it was important that the system operated seamlessly within the technical environment of Kalinga Media. This included a Harris Playout System, a WASP Graphic system, an Imagine MAM system and a Teleprompter system from Autoscript.

Mr. Khatua concludes “For all of us at Kalinga Media, the installation was relatively simple and the training process was quite educative for our reporters, output team and editorial desk. In addition, the technical people were quite comfortable with the Octopus installation.

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