Octopus is currently exhibiting the latest version of its newsroom computer system at Broadcast India. The show is now underway and attracting large crowds to the Octopus booth.

«Much of the interest is focused towards eSports, WebTV and live events, and of course news production, television and radio,» comments APAC Director of Octopus Newsroom Miro Rusko,

«The latest end-to-end Octopus system, version 8.2, is packed with new features enabling broadcasters to adapt easily to future technical demands and digital trends, Octopus is truly unique as it gives broadcasters the flexibility to create news for on-demand digital viewing platforms as well as traditional linear programme channels.»

«The broadcasting environment has changed over the past decade. »more people are using mobile devices to view live events on the go. Journalists are under greater than ever pressure to get the stories out as quickly direct from the field. The new features in Octopus 8.2 amplify this workflow, facilitating real-time collaboration and editorial approval which are essential for journalists,» adds Octopus Head of Marketing Adam Kennedy-Ripon.


«Broadcast India visitors are very welcome to experience a live demonstration of version 8.2 at the booth and experience the sheer superiority Octopus has over other newsroom computer systems. Octopus provides the tools news producers need when and where they need it. It simplifies the workflow to maximise efficiency.»

Octopus can be configured to handle any size of operation, from a single fully-automated news channel up to 24/7 multichannel broadcast network.

Newsroom staff gain the freedom to work from any touch point. Octopus can convert the reporter’s smartphone into a portable production device to be used for TV or radio interviews, photography and text editing. Once media assets are captured, they can be sent back to base for immediate finessing and playout.

Easy and quick to learn, Octopus allows seamless control of MOS-compatible production devices such as storage archives, graphics solutions, presentation servers and prompters.

Octopus empowers 250+ channels around the world and supports all major languages, including languages with complex character-sets such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese.



Stand B221.

2018 Broadcast India Show

Bombay Exhibition Centre



Oct 25, 2018 – Oct 27, 2018

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