Four million viewers watched the first round of the Czech republic Presidential elections, and Octopus customers ČT24, ČT1, TV Nova, and CNN Prima News became the most-watched stations in the country. We are honored for our role in developing a system to prepare news programs and presidential debates while gathering a huge amount of content and media data in such an important process.

“The preparation for the second round goes on around the clock inside newsrooms. Octopus news production system was designed for the marathon of election coverage planning and the sprint to provide the fasted and best information to viewers on Election Day.«

Gabriel Janko

COO & Sales Director

Inside Octopus NRCS, newsroom teams can work on different aspects of one story simultaneously. The frenetic pace of updated information during elections needs a versatile system with multiple user touchstones and instant updates provided on the promoter to the presenters. Moreover, users can prepare the text for the graphics, preview the render of the graphic on the main interface, and send the final result to air or digital platform. These and many other features make Octopus NRCS an indispensable tool for efficient election coverage.


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