Octopus Newsroom, the world’s leading producer of computer newsroom systems, announces a partnership with software developer and system integrator Traco Systems. The agreement centres on the introduction of a Traco Media Bridge plug-in enabling Octopus Newsroom users to browse and deploy content from Avid Interplay within an easy-to-use drag-and-drop graphic display.

Media Bridge gives Octopus-equipped newsrooms highly optimised video production workflow including the creation of story-specific placeholders. Content such as video can then be added directly to the selected story. Each video clip carries a unique identifier and manages other background activity such as metadata placement and generation of browse-resolution essences. Additional features include the ability to trigger actions from the Octopus user interface and to launch AAF sequences from Avid Media Central UX.

«Octopus 8 is above all a fast and very operator-friendly news manipulation system for every stage in the production process from media ingest and scripting through to teleprompt presentation,» says Octopus Newsroom Technology Partners Manager Milan Varga. «Media Bridge extends that ethos right across into management of these popular third-party content storage products. It is a great example of software systems integration, retaining the workflow transparency which allows newsroom staff to response quickly to fast-breaking news.»


Collaboration in Slovakia’s TA3


Slovakia’s television news channel TA3 has used Octopus very successfully for over seven years in an Avid post-production environment, working with Octopus and with Traco, TA3 is now integrating its entire system to operate seamlessly with Octopus Newsroom. That includes VizRT Pilot graphics, Avid NewsCutter editing, Autoscript prompters and Avid Command playout, all linked to Octopus via Media Bridge.

Part of the Grafobal Group, TA3 (www.ta3.com) is based in the Slovakian capital, Bratislava. TA3 commenced broadcasting in September 2001 and currently transmits 19 hours each weekday (6.00 am through to 1.00 am, commencing at 7.00 am Sundays) in standard definition and high definition. The channel bring news from the regions, information about art, culture, finance, travel in Slovakia and abroad, and profiles of well-known personalities.

“It was very challenging for us to integrate Octopus 8 with Avid MediaCentral Platform in user friendly and intuitive way.” says Traco CTO Miro Ambra “Together with the Octopus team we met our goal to create a collaborative, open, global newsroom environment.”

Traco Systems: Founded in 1992 as Traco Computers, Traco Systems (www.tracosys.cz) introduced the first nonlinear editor to the Czech market. It later expanded into system integration including tapeless workflow, offline and online studios for the production of news, current affairs, trailers and broadcast programmes as well as film projects. The company is also a distributor of selected third-party hardware and software.

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