Dear customers, partners, friends,

here we are, NAB Show, and many other events are canceled or postponed.

I am writing this with mixed feelings.

Personally, I am happy that common sense won its battle. I am relieved that we do not have to put the health of our customers and the team in danger.

At the same time, we will miss the show dearly. We love it, we love the buzzing, hectic days before and during the show, we love to meet you all. We are always proud to show what we are working on, how our products evolve and innovate.

We were looking forward to NAB Show 2020 as we have so much more to show including our brand new cloud-based / on premises planning & collaboration tool KO:R.

Unfortunately, that is not happening at least for now.

We are working hard to bring our show online in order to present our latest features and products. Stay tuned, watch our social media and I am sure we will connect at least online in the virtual world.

We are all in this together, no matter where we are from. We want to help at least a bit in the situation and therefore I would like to announce that our customers can now ask for more licenses they would get for free to cover their extended needs for news reporting.

Stay safe, see you in a bit,


Petr Stokuc

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