Switching to Octopus NRCS is easier than you think and will have a minimum impact on your existing set-up, production will continue as usual.

More and more customers are getting tired of their legacy newsroom software. Most often the reason is that their current NRCS software is outdated, expensive to maintain, lacks many innovative functionalities or is not sufficiently flexible. Or, it genuinely fails to meet expectations in today’s digitally demanding, collaborative, automotive and story-centric news production process.

Switching to the Octopus NRCS is obviously a big decision and may be scary to some people at first glance. But it is easier than you think.

Octopus has successfully switched numerous customers worldwide over the past 20 years, from all types of newsroom computer systems, including established mainstream providers as well as in-house developed variations. The Octopus Support team is always there to make sure everything goes smoothfor you and that your newsroom management system is working perfectly for everyone.

To make the whole process clear, we have prepared an overview of the 10 most typical steps that lead to a successful switch:

  1. Hardware preparation for the Octopus system.
  2. Octopus Installation by experienced engineers.
  3. Custom tailored newsroom workflow, provided by Product Specialists’ and Trainers.
  4. Workflow configuration (unlimited user adjustments until it is absolutely perfect).
  5. Octopus Integration with MAM, playout system, automation, real-time graphics system, teleprompters, social media and CMS.
  6. Administrator training and final workflow adjustments.
  7. News production team training, observation and support.
  8. Partial data conversion from your legacy newsroom system to Octopus.
  9. Full switch to Octopus NRCS, on-air coaching and direct on-site support.
  10. Final data conversion.

Depending on the size of your newsroom, the entire process would typically take anywhere from 3-weeks to 3-months. Our technicians and experienced trainers will ensure a smooth and efficient transition, with minimum disruption and will be with you when you go live, for the first time.

If you are looking for a newsroom computer system replacement or if you are considering the opportunity, but undecided, we would love to hear from you.

Contact our dedicated sales team for a no-strings-attached consultation. We will offer you a tailored migration plan, together with an all-inclusive budgetary proposal.

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