As 2017 morphs into 2018, the Octopus Newsroom team would like to thank you for making this year really special.


We have achieved some great goals over the past 12 months:


Most importantly we introduced a really cool new version of our system, Octopus 8.1, with a huge number of enhancements!

Octopus launched a dedicated Training Department to help our customers learn even more about the product. Eva Planickova, a highly Octopus-experienced journalist from Czech Television, joined us to lead this team and the results are already visible to many of our customers.

Octopus expanded into several new markets, delivering to customers in Canada, USA, Germany, Vietnam, Switzerland and elsewhere.

Octopus signed new deals with plenty of major customers, including leading news channels, sports and esports broadcasters.

To come closer to our customers in all the regions of the world, we visited various trade shows and open houses in a record number of countries, including Argentina, Australia, Colombia, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, UAE and the USA.

IBC 2017 proved the most successful show in our history with sky-high interest in our products plus celebration of an Emmy Award to the Media Object Server (MOS) Group of which Octopus is a proud member.


What’s coming up in 2018? A LOT!


We are installing version Octopus 8.1 with all its latest improvements right from the start of January.

Jan Polak joins our local team in Thailand in January to strengthen our project delivery capability in the APAC region. Jan is a very experienced broadcast specialist as well as a great leader.

In the first months of the year we will be attending CABSAT, BVE, NAB and probably a couple of other events where customers can learn about the latest improvements to the Octopus system.

Our training department will continue providing additional user trainings, prepare various short guides and other useful tips for our customers so everyone can get familiar with all the features and new tweaks of Octopus.

To be sure you don’t miss out on anything continue following our Facebook page as well as our official website in 2018.

We are really grateful for all your help, support and sometimes your patience, but most importantly your friendship.



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