The IBC2019 was the one to remember. We celebrated our 20th anniversarry, introduced AI-enhanced Octopus X and presented the first preview of Octopus Kör. 

Octopus X is no longer just an NRCS. Advanced collaboration tools, support for AI, improved mobile apps and more. We proudly present the collaboration tool that will make a difference.

Our latest Octopus X system has been adjusted to help users get around the system easier, work faster with a redesign of the user interface in certain key areas of the system. Also, revolutionize your newsroom with the brand new Octopus iReporter App. This app will help you build an active digital community and turn viewers into mobile reporters.

Octopus Kör is a brand new, cloud-based collaboration and planning tool from Octopus Newsroom. Created for teams of all sizes, Octopus Kör allows you to effectively set your workflow, share resources and plan your work. The system helps you analyze all the information sources using AI technologies, work with external resources as easy as with your internal employees, schedule topics and much more. A brand new concept from Octopus Newsroom.

We want to thank all our customers, visitors and partners for very successful IBC. 

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