Zimbabwe’s fierce appetite for broadcasting technology as part of the country’s modernization wave has led its national Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) to land on Octopus Newsroom. In the absence of a system that could provide tools for rundown management, wires reception, and story planning, ZBC has decided to incorporate Octopus X into its newsrooms for a masterful command of news production for linear and digital broadcasting. 

ZBC’s first experience with a computer newsroom system is set to empower the channel to expand the reach of its programming, from which 75% is locally produced. Digital publishing capabilities and the use of social media for source gathering prepare ZBC for future trends and shifts in the industry including the rising demand for information on digital sources. Likewise, using the Octopus Journalist App empowers its team to seamlessly work remotely being able to access their wires, planning items, and rundowns from anywhere, using a mobile device.  

The Octopus team managed the entire deployment process from consultancy, design, through installation and testing, remotely. Likewise, successful workflow analysis and user training have been performed online.  

“We are thrilled to have provided ZBC with a must-have tool to help them modernize their newsroom. ZBC is presently Zimbabwe’s sole broadcaster with such a strong and versatile Newsroom Computer system that offers features to step up to the emerging news consumption trends in this market. Making it a forerunner of modern news technology in Sub-Saharan Africa”

Gianluca Bertuzzi, Sales manager for Africa and Latin America, Octopus Newsroom

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