Are you prepared for the largest sporting event this year?

Elevate your coverage by turning your viewers into crowd reporters, delivering real-time insights and capturing the atmosphere from the heart of the Summer Games thanks to iReporter!


We are proud to present a platform that enables you to engage with your viewers and partners. With iReporter, you can not only gather exclusive video and photo content, but also enable your fans to vie for prizes such as match tickets, merchandise, and opportunities to meet renowned players. By utilizing our platform, you gain access to unparalleled content while retaining full copyrights, providing opportunities for monetization.

Gabriel Janko
COO & Sales Director, Octopus Newsroom

What is iReporter?

iReporter is a platform that simplifies the process of collecting user-generated content, such as videos and photos, from the general public. It engages and nurtures both established and emerging user communities. Users submit authentic and original content directly to your editorial team. Your news team selects the best content to feature in broadcasts and share it on the website, in articles, galleries, and social media.

Al Sabah/VSN/Octopus Newsroom

Key Benefits of iReporter

  • Ownership of Your Content: You retain full ownership of the content you contribute, enabling you to trade it as you see fit.
  • Cost-Effective and Rapid Deployment: iReporter offers a budget-friendly solution with quick implementation, ensuring you can start leveraging its benefits without delay.
  • Thriving Community Engagement: Join a rapidly expanding community of engaged users who actively share videos and photos, fostering dynamic interactions and content creation.
  • Seamless Integration with News Production Systems: Easily export selected videos and photos directly to news production systems, streamlining your workflow and enhancing efficiency.

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