While Octopus has a strong reputation in the newsroom industry, it’s also one of the most robust eSports production systems on the planet.


Did you know that the world’s largest eSports channels use Octopus for their entire eSports production process, and to broadcast live gaming tournaments to millions of passionate viewers worldwide? Octopus also enables eSports production for WebTV so you can reach your digital community.

Octopus allows eSports production teams to work and collaborate in real-time from any location or device. So, if you have employees that prefer working on Mac devices while others prefer Windows operating systems, this is no problem.


Also, you can have teams working from multiple locations worldwide. Octopus allows those employees to work as if they were all together in the same office. Times are changing, remote working is now a necessity to capture the energy and atmosphere of live gaming, as they unfold.

Octopus allows your eSports teams to add segments to the show so you can add in as many live moments as you need, allowing you to reserve rundown space for talking-heads, interviews, ad-hoc moments, live camera shots of the audience or any variety of intros and graphics. Users can make swift changes directly inside the rundown view for all of these items.


Octopus is known for allowing pluginless integration with cutting edge graphics systems, which make it quick and easy to trigger most of the templates you require, for example a team jersey graphics to the screen in any layout, alongside team crests, character animations or banners. Octopus is built for speed and efficiency.


Social media and web editors can also leverage Octopus

Your eSports production team, social media and web editors can all use Octopus, and in real-time, working towards the same goals with maximum collaboration possibilities. Those teams can quickly post the latest tournament news directly to your website, as Octopus is integrated with leading CMS platforms. Also, your social media team ensure followers are actively engaged and excited about the next tournament by publishing content directly to your social media channels directly from Octopus. This allows your social media teams to align posts with your rundown.

Octopus allows all your team to capture live moment as they unfold, and when they most matter.

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