We’re absolutely thrilled to share with you the most momentous news of the year! Introducing Octopus 12 and the new Octopus Web Client, they are poised to transform your approach to newsroom operations, delivering unmatched efficiency and flexibility in news production.


New Octopus Web Client

We’re proud to introduce the new Octopus Web Client. Experience an intuitive and user-friendly design that allows you to access the most essential Octopus 12 functionalities effortlessly from your browser. Real-time collaboration with your team has never been more accessible, ensuring that you can stay connected and productive, no matter where you are.


“Following the success of Octopus 11, Octopus 12 has been meticulously crafted to address the ever-evolving needs of global news production and collaboration. This latest iteration adapts to the accelerated pace of linear, digital, and broadcast entities. The introduction of the Octopus web client propels newsrooms into a new era of seamless collaboration, with its multi-user script editor enabling the creation of collective masterpieces at warp speed. No longer confined to on-premises limitations, broadcasters can now harness the essential features of Octopus from any location. The Octopus web client seamlessly merges future-facing remote access with its robust backend, empowering modern newsrooms with maximum creative control.” 

Milan Varga

Product Manager at Octopus Newsroom

The Most Powerful and Flexible News Production System

The Octopus 12 is hailed as the most powerful and flexible news production system to date. This latest version introduces a revamped interface, featuring a redesigned media preview function that offers a more intuitive and engaging way to interact with multimedia content.

Furthermore, it incorporates a dynamic assignment map, enhancing interactivity by allowing users to engage with assignments and track mobile users’ locations in real-time.

Among its latest innovations are improved rundown management, seamless speech-to-text integration, a ChatGPT-based AI assistant, streamlined workflows with automation systems, and integration capabilities with resource management systems.

Whether you prefer a story-centric, rundown-centric, or hybrid approach, Octopus 12 is designed to simplify your production workflow.


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