MTV Oy, Finland’s leading commercial television company and video content house, made a big move in 2022, not just to a new location but into a new era of production.

Octopus Newsroom’s news production system is proud to be among the elite list of vendors chosen for this monumental transition from the past to the future.


MTV Oy Aimed to Be Finland’s Most Innovative Production Facility

MTV Oy made no qualms about wanting to be the most innovative and adaptable production facility in the country. Embracing Augmented Reality (AR) was a staple of MTV’s vision, including once unthinkable aspects like driving the Leopard battle tank into the studio.

Throughout the past decade, MTV Oy and the Octopus executive team built a professional relationship built on solutions and revolution. When it came time to move the legacy team to a new building where only the best vendors would be considered, Octopus was among the first calls.

The hallmark of Octopus brings exceptional customer service with customization for each client. Paired with the flexibility to adapt to any third-party interface and the forward-thinking baseline of cloud production, Octopus was the obvious answer to not only replacing an outdated system but also creating a process that will work well into the future. Notably, NEP Finland, a main integrator of the project, collaborated closely with Octopus Newsroom and MTV Oy to ensure seamless implementation and ongoing support.

We thoroughly examined MTV Oy’s demands and closely monitored its development. As a result, we proposed a future-proof and scalable newsroom system. The Octopus team was on-site training in Finland. Eva Planickova, our News Production advisor & trainer, and Milan Varga, our Product Manager, showed the newsroom’s team all Octopus features for the smoothest launch.

Gabriel Janko
COO & Sales Director, Octopus Newsroom

The Octopus Difference

It just takes a few moments of hands-on exploring to see why Octopus is quickly becoming the preferred vendor for on-premise or cloud-based solutions. The MTV Oy team came in with high expectations, and Octopus’ team of trainers, technicians, and executives met each pressure point.

  • Exemplary planning system for the overall team and silos of content production timelines.
  • The multi-platform instinctive system seamlessly handles Live News, Radio, Digital Production, and Non-Linear channels.
  • More control of graphics, video previews, and quality control within one NRCS.

The word we kept hearing during the collaborative process was “easier.” It’s easier for the people working behind the scenes. It allows more control for users who once had to jump between different systems or computers to accomplish the same video tasks.

Octopus Newsroom & EVS Integration

This important project brought together Octopus and EVS, the global leader in live video technology.

As a result of this new integration, all media, regardless of resolution, is managed by EVS’ web-based asset management platform, IPD-VIA, and can instantly be viewed in the Octopus system. The EVS panel within Octopus provides journalists with comprehensive searching based on MTV-defined metadata and provides thumbnail views for easy identification. Placeholders for video elements are created directly in the desired IPD-VIA folders by the Octopus system. These placeholders are picked up by editors using Adobe Premiere Pro, and when the edit is finished are sent to EVS playback servers and referenced as ONLINE in the Octopus rundown.

IPD-VIA allows for remote and on-premise asset management, and the Octopus NRCS adapts seamlessly to that workflow, breaking barriers of location and providing greater access to content.

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