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Octopus client

Octopus 12

News Production System

New Octopus Web Client

Immerse yourself in the enhanced Octopus remote production capabilities. Our lightweight web client, seamlessly connected to the robust Octopus 12 server, empowers users with real-time collaboration across platforms.

Powerful Management

Unveil the power of comprehensive news production management, showcasing improved planning, advanced Octopus search capabilities, a dynamic assignment map, seamlessly streamlined workflows with automation systems, and much more.

Enhanced AI Assistant

Revolutionize your news production process with our AI Assistant. Simplify and streamline workflows with cutting-edge AI integrations.



User-Generated Content Platform

Engage with your target audience

Gather authentic content for news creation

Monetize the acquired content


Our team attending NAB

Scott Fitzgerald

National Sales Director
for North America

Gabriel Janko

Gabriel Janko

COO & Sales Director

Miro Rusko

Managing Director APAC

Milan Varga

Product Manager

Gianluca Bertuzzi

Sales Manager Africa & Latin America

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