Octopus Newsroom is proud to expand its global footprint in a collaboration with Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) and its three channels of content production. KBC is the leading public broadcaster in Kenya.

KBC is the dominant and farthest-reaching broadcasting company of the six offerings in Kenya, being a trusted state-run media outlet since 1928. KBC was established by an Act of parliament CAP 221 of the laws of Kenya to provide independent and impartial broadcasting services for information, education, and entertainment. The company is headquartered in Nairobi.


“We spent two years discussing the most critical needs of the KBC team as they were expanding into different channels, in addition to the public television channel broadcasting 20 hours a day. We knew we had a competition with other NRCS systems, but in the end, the intuitive planning tools of Octopus NRSC and the user-friendly yet widely adaptive rundown put our flagship system above and beyond the others.”
Gianluca Bertuzzi,
Sales Manager in Africa at Octopus Newsroom

As a government entity, KBC must reach every resident, from rural to urban dwellers. The monumental task of adapting to changing technology was awarded to Octopus based on its reputation, proven performance record, hands-on experience, and affordability without sacrificing quality.

KBC reached a worldwide stage in November 2022 when a video of reporter Alvin Kanuda went viral. Social media followers worldwide were charmed by the elephant who got a little “nosy” during the recording of a standup.

It was about that same time that Octopus Newsroom was helping the KCB team launch the Octopus newsroom production system for their broadcast production. Since this was the first NRCS the broadcaster was using, they wanted to make a choice that fit current needs and was malleable into the future.

One of the selling points for KBC’s top management was the integration of the OCTOPUS MOS Server with the SNS storage system. In this case, Octopus implemented a simple Media Asset Management (MAM) tool that monitors the content of the configured folder in the SNS and extracts metadata from the files located in that SNS storage.

Octopus Newsroom’s team implemented more than 30 user licenses and accommodated the client’s request for virtual training. With Octopus Newsroom already working globally with many virtual clients, this streamlined process was able to get super users trained and user training finished in time for a launch before the end of 2022.

Are you ready to experience the benefit of a globally known brand with no annual license renewal and a team of technicians ready around the clock to exceed your expectations?


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