Highlights of this project

  • In 2022, SERTV needed to replace an aging, expensive, and soon-to-be obsolete newsroom computer system.
  • SERTV learned several lessons from the previously antiquated system and has specific needs – interface with other production products and give a turnkey yet adaptable platform that doesn’t require hand-holding with the manufacturer at every turn.
  • Octopus is an industry favourite for its compatibility with any third-party vendor, catering to clients’ needs instead of playing favourites. Octopus Newsroom also provides a system that is turnkey and flexible, offering as much or as little interaction as a client would want.

“We needed a system that was adaptable, customizable, and affordable. An entire nation depends on us for information. As technology leaps forward, we needed a system that advanced with it, and we didn’t have that. Octopus didn’t just give us the best price. They gave us the best value and a wealth of expansion options that make us save in the long run”

Antonio J. Pérez F.

the Head of Engineering Department at SERTV


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