Grass Valley’s prestigious GV Forum 2024, held at the Renaissance Hotel in Las Vegas, was not just an event — it was a stage for industry leaders to present the latest solutions for transformation within the media industry.

As a testament to our expertise, Scott Fitzgerald, M.Ed, on behalf of Octopus Newsroom, was honored to be invited as a presenter at this exclusive event.

A heartfelt thank you to the organizers and attendees for making it an extraordinary day! From insightful discussions to networking opportunities, the GV Forum provided invaluable insights into current trends and overcoming industry challenges.

During Octopus’s presentation, we spotlighted our exciting long-term partnership with Grass Valley. Octopus NRCS seamlessly integrates with GV AMPP Framelight X, a cutting-edge federated asset management system, and the native GV AMPP MOS Clip List Player via the MOS protocol. This integration facilitates not only traditional linear workflows but also more intricate story-centric processes, emphasizing story planning, coverage, and distribution across various digital platforms. With the direct integration of the native GV AMPP Web Player in the Octopus User Interface, previewing source video assets and conducting quality checks on final video materials has been streamlined to perfection.

Reach out to our team to explore the groundbreaking solutions revealed at the GV Forum and uncover how Octopus Newsroom can innovate your news production workflows.


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