Octopus Newsroom proudly introduces the seamless integration of Brainstorm’s Neuron, marking a significant leap forward in newsroom workflows with state-of-the-art 3D graphics.

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As Octopus Newsroom, we’re thrilled to integrate with Brainstorm’s Neuron, leveraging its advanced HTML5-based MOS plugin support to empower broadcasters to get on-air faster with a comprehensive, fully scalable range of solutions. This integration not only streamlines operations but also ensures seamless access to high-quality, real-time 3D graphics within our interface, marking a significant step forward in simplifying newsroom workflows.

Milan Varga, Product Manager at Octopus Newsroom

This groundbreaking integration empowers journalists to access high-quality, real-time rendered graphics directly within the Octopus news production system, revolutionizing the rundown process. Renowned for its advanced device control and simplified operations, Brainstorm’s Neuron seamlessly merges with Octopus, facilitated by its HTML5-based MOS plugin support. This integration enables Octopus users to effortlessly send and receive graphics for their rundowns through MOS objects, significantly enhancing the efficiency and quality of news production. Within the Octopus interface, users can now preview graphics before incorporating them into the rundown, ensuring a seamless and error-free workflow. Real-time updates further facilitate navigation through the rundown seamlessly while accessing all linked graphics instantly.

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The latest updates to our Neuron product line gives it a new technology edge that provides new functionalities and responds to the market’s requirements. The HTML5 integration allows existing partners like Octopus to integrate Neuron with their most advanced and updated product line, resulting in more opportunities for the clients that benefit from additional features and workflow flexibility.

David Moldes, Brainstorm’s Product Manager

About Octopus Newsroom

As a leader among news production systems worldwide, Octopus Newsroom takes pride in offering innovative solutions to meet the demands of the future.

Octopus NRCS is a story-centric, cloud-based, or on-prem news production system designed to centralize the entire news production workflows, from news gathering, through planning and assignments, rundown creation, and digital publishing all the way to archiving and reporting. With over 70 technology partners, Octopus NRCS is the most powerful and flexible news production system that adapts to any workflow and environment.

About Brainstorm

Brainstorm’s advanced yet user-friendly products meet today’s rapidly evolving broadcast and AV market requirements by providing state-of-the-art real-time 3D graphics and virtual production solutions for a variety of applications. With thousands of installations worldwide since its foundation in 1993, Brainstorm’s client base includes large broadcasters, smaller and regional stations, production houses and other content providers. More information on www.brainstorm3d.com

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