The Innovation Award for Content Everywhere was won by News app on a massive scale. 

Octopus teamed up with Aveco to help ETV Bharat to automate news production and playout to 24 studios and 24 full-time news channels for mobile phone and tablet live and on-demand viewership. Our team spent many days on-site to help ETV Bharat to set the best workflow possible to effectively manage 24 different channels, all in one Octopus system.

Launched in 21 March 2019, ETV Bharat has 5,000 mobile journalists across India equipped and empowered with the latest news production technology. Aveco automates the live production, recording, and playout of these 24 mobile TV channels and provides workflow automation to optimize on-demand version production. Together with other TV technology partners serving ETV Bharat, a new world standard in mobile news production and distribution has been achieved.

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