In the world of sports news, where every second counts, Octopus 11 is making headlines as the ultimate game-changer. Octopus news production system is a perfect fit for 24/7 sports channels to prepare all their sports-related news and studio shows.


Managing Sports Production from Start to Finish

Octopus 11 takes center stage, allowing you to manage the entire lifecycle of your live and pre-recorded content. With lightning-fast handling of topics, video clips, and live graphic manipulation, Octopus puts you in control of every aspect of your sports news production. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and hello to streamlined workflows.

Flexibility: The Key to Victory

In the exhilarating world of sports, anything can happen in the blink of an eye. Octopus understands this, offering unparalleled flexibility to adapt to the unpredictable nature of the game. Whether it’s tweaking show timings, effortlessly utilizing pre-defined templates, seamlessly accommodating sudden changes, or swiftly incorporating backup content on the fly, Octopus keeps you ahead of the competition.

Unleashing the Power of Integration

Fast media editing becomes a reality as Octopus effortlessly collaborates with third-party solutions, ensuring you stay ahead of the game. Whether it’s prompters, graphic systems, or playout systems, Octopus seamlessly weaves these elements together, creating a symphony of captivating sports coverage. And let’s not forget the thrill of instant replays. Octopus enables you to relive the most exhilarating moments with lightning-fast access to replays, ensuring your audience never misses a beat.

Graphics and Game Statistics on the Fast Track

Thanks to Octopus’s deep collaboration with graphic systems, creating, adding, and changing graphics and game statistics is a breeze. No more fumbling with separate windows or tedious setups – everything can be seamlessly handled within Octopus. Prepare to dazzle your audience with visually stunning and up-to-the-minute graphics.

Taking Sports News Global

Octopus knows that sports fans span the globe, and their passion knows no boundaries. That’s why Octopus offers both linear and digital broadcasting options, bringing the exhilaration of sports to fans worldwide. No matter where they are, fans can immerse themselves in the action and be part of the excitement.

Expanding the Playing Field

Octopus Newsroom goes beyond Octopus 11, offering additional powerhouse solutions to enhance your sports news production. The UGC platform iReporter turns fans into crowd reporters, providing real-time updates from the heart of the action. Meanwhile, the KO:R planning and collaboration tool unifies editorial and sports news production teams, ensuring a cohesive game plan for success.

“We are excited to bring Octopus into our newsroom to unite a lot of the technology that we’ve been leveraging separately. The ability to bring our video server into our rundowns directly and automatically update scripts in real time through our prompter will really improve our efficiency, saving us valuable time.”

Tolly Carr

General Manager HBCU Gameday

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With Octopus Newsroom at the helm, you can take your sports news coverage to the next level. Curious to learn more?

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