Octopus Success Story – Welt

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-08-09

Having selected the Octopus Newsroom system in the Autumn of 2017, and with Logic Media Solutions GmbH (LOGIC) as the primary integration partner, Welt successfully went live in March 2019. The length of time from design to implementation was a testimony to Welt and the integration team of the de...

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Success Story - BRCTV13 News Channel, Pennsylvania, USA

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-07-14

Blue Ridge Communications News 13 is owned by Pencor Services, Inc. A Pennsylvanian news channel based out of Leighto...

Success Story - Switch TV Kenya

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-03-13

Switch TV is one of Africa's most recently established broadcast channels that broad-cast hip shows, movies, series, ...