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LRT televizija implements Octopus Newsroom System

Octopus, 2021-09-20

“We tested various newsroom systems but, in our opinion, Octopus was by far the best in terms of collaboration, GUI a...

We are proud to announce Midco Sports Network as a new customer serving the Midwest

Octopus, 2021-07-20

Whether its news, sports, entertainment, or some other high-octane broadcasting output, let Octopus Newsroom soak up ...

CH Media Selects Octopus Newsroom

Octopus, 2021-06-17

The largest private Swiss TV provider CH Media has selected Octopus X to be the heart of their newly built, centraliz...

Octopus helps ETV Bharat to become a comprehensive digital national news platform

Octopus, 2021-04-29

Launched in 2019, ETV Bharat became a comprehensive digital national news platform, the first of its kind in terms of...

NewsNet goes on-air with Octopus

Peter Grena, 2020-07-30

Founded in 2019 by Eric Wotila, NewsNet is an American news oriented free-to-air television network that prides itsel...

Kalinga Media & Entertainment streamlines the workflow using Octopus

Peter Grena, 2020-07-20

​As the chief managing editor of Kalinga Media & Entertainment, Mr. Himansu Sekhar Khatua had a problem he needed...

Octopus Newsroom entregando en tiempos de Covid-19

Peter Grena, 2020-07-16

Ante la amenaza de la Covid-19 que se cierne sobre todo el mundo, en nuestro ámbito profesional se ha incrementado la...

Success Story – RTL Croatia

Peter Grena, 2020-03-24

In November 2019 RTL Croatia, as part of the RTL Group, completed a major evaluation of the newsroom computer market ...

WELT successfully switched to Octopus

Peter Grena, 2020-03-05

Having selected the Octopus Newsroom system in the Autumn of 2017, and with Logic Media Solutions GmbH (LOGIC) as the...

NTV Uganda modernises their news workflows with their first ever NRCS

Peter Grena, 2020-02-03

NTV Uganda needed to better share resources, automate the creation of rundowns and improve efficiencies with automate...

Success Story - Red+, Colombia

Peter Grena, 2020-01-22

Red+ is a successful Columbian broadcaster who wanted to modernize their existing Newsroom System to have a workflow ...

Success Story - BRCTV13 News Channel, Pennsylvania, USA

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-07-14

Blue Ridge Communications News 13 is owned by Pencor Services, Inc. A Pennsylvanian news channel based out of Leighto...

Success Story - Switch TV Kenya

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2019-03-13

Switch TV is one of Africa's most recently established broadcast channels that broad-cast hip shows, movies, series, ...

PPTV HD Thailand Invests in Octopus Newsroom Automation

David Kirk, Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2018-12-11

Bangkok, Thailand – Octopus announces the completion of a newsroom computer system at the Bangkok headquarters of Tha...

La Télé in Lausanne upgrades newsroom to Octopus 8

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2018-09-14

​Swiss television broadcaster La Télé - TV Vaud-Fribourg SA has chosen Octopus 8 and INCITE MAM as a key element of i...

Octopus Goes Live at News Channel Nebraska

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2018-06-18

NEBRASKA — News Channel Nebraska (NCN), an independent television and radio network serving Nebraska state and Sioux ...

VICE News Selects Octopus 8 Newsroom System

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2018-04-24

​Digital media and broadcasting company VICE Media has invested in Octopus 8 newsroom software for its headquarters i...

NET TV Indonesia Opts for Octopus

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2018-02-08

Jakarta, Indonesia, May 11, 2018 – NET. TV, one of Indonesia's leading television channels, has invested in a latest-...

TheBlaze chooses Octopus 8 Newsroom System

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2018-01-18

​Multiplatform news and entertainment network TheBlaze has ordered an Octopus 8 newsroom computer system for installa...

TBN Commissions Octopus 8 for Huckabee

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2017-11-06

Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA – Octopus Newsroom announces the completion of a newsroom computer system sale to Trin...

CHEK-TV Upgrades and Expands with Octopus Newsroom

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2017-09-24

Canadian broadcaster CHEK-TV has chosen Octopus 8 as the core of a major upgrade to the newsroom system at its headqu...

Altitude Aims for High Efficiency with Octopus Newsroom

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2017-08-19

Centennial, CO, USA – Altitude Sports & Entertainment, the most watched regional sports television network in the...

Kerala-based JanamTV delivers local and global success with Octopus

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2017-05-18

​​India is experiencing a growth in media consumption that is far outstripping anything in North America and Europe. ...

Octopus Newsroom Powers LifeNews and Life78

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2016-12-07

The Octopus 8 Newsroom Computer Systems have been chosen by 24-hour television channel LifeNewsfor its headquarters i...

MediaCorp Singapore replaces ENPS with Octopus Newsroom

Adam Kennedy-Ripon, 2015-03-06

​Singapore’s leading media company, MediaCorp, has selected Octopus7 to be at the heart of its multi-lingual newsroom...