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From Sao Paulo to Moscow and from Hong Kong to New York, Octopus Newsroom has over 300 installations worldwide.

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“I appreciate the ability to simultaneously work on my script while in the editing bay.
That’s a perk!”

Nick Volturo, Journalist, BRCTV 13, Pennsylvania, USA

« Our newsroom staff are able to create all this content quickly and efficiently within the Octopus framework rather than having to divide linear and on-demand workflow between two different teams. »

Lenny Ruvaga, Managing Editor, Switch TV, Nairobi, Kenya

“Once we started using Octopus, it transformed the way we could deliver the news. All our users including editors, journalists and operational stuff can collaborate on stories in a way that was before impossible.”

Jorge E. Ramirez Camelo, Engineering Advisor, Cable Noticias, Bogotá, Colombia