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can use Octopus X successfully!


Although Octopus was primarily designed for television news production, the system offers an equally robust linear and digital news production workflow for radio stations as well. Octopus is used by numerous radio stations worldwide, in various languages, at multiple locations from multiple devices.

Radio stations using Octopus will enjoy the genuine freedom it offers, unparalleled flexibility, easy integration with 60+ partners, including all the leading radio automation systems.

The system has everything that modern radio broadcasters may need, including easy yet robust rundown management, collaborative story production, planning, scheduling content, editorial approvals, and managing commercial breaks. Also, Octopus offers a management solution for organizing guest speakers and adding specific details on behalf of those speakers.

Radio hosts will appreciate the overview of all scripts in Octopus, as well as the mobile and tablet app that also offers built-in prompting capabilities. Thanks to the Octopus app, it is more accessible than ever to send voice-recorded interviews back to base for editorial review and processing – connecting directly to your Octopus NRCS.

Octopus also integrates with leading social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) and delivers the latest trends directly to your workspace. Your editorial and social media team can also publish instantly to social media channels or to your station’s web CMS system.