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The Octopus X is used by some of the world’s largest eSports broadcasters for end to end content production, managing the entire rundown and live events. eSports tournaments require significant flexibility. Octopus offers complete flexibility to manage sudden changes, prepare backup content, or quickly move backup stories into the rundown at the last minute.

eSports broadcasters sometimes need to broadcast from multiple locations worldwide with all teams regardless of location working on the same story. Octopus allows anyone in your organisation to work irrespective of location, operating device or language. Multisite options is a must. Octopus offers multiple rundown templates for many shows. Octopus also integrates via MOS protocol that allows eSports broadcasters to work with 60+ other technologies, including leading technology providers for eSports production, such as EVS, Vizrt, Grass Valley, Ross Video and many others.

We remain at close reach after installation. As a software company with lots of geeks and players, Octopus Newsroom aims to become a very close and trusted partner. Besides providing a very hands-on post installation technical support we also spend a fair amount of time playing the games to understand your business better ;-) You will be presented with an innovative, flexible and modern system to undertake any demanding tasks.