Look at fields where you

can use Octopus X successfully!


Tools covering a wide range of applications, such as Octopus X, have a huge impact on cost effectivity. New ways of digesting the content opened the gate for web-based televisions. Formed by teams of all sizes, the proper planning, collaboration, and information workflows are inevitable.

Octopus X is a great choice for WebTV for many different reasons. Primarily thanks to its well-designed architecture and integration capabilities the system can work very well even with some of the simplest and most cost-effective production tools and graphics systems that some smaller WebTVs may choose. On top of that, the system is built from various modules so WebTVs with low demands on functionalities could typically only use a very simple version of Octopus X with only some core modules. This would of course also mean significant savings on the initial investments. The system is very user-friendly so users of all ages and experience levels can learn it very fast; it also offers Mobile and Tablet Apps for users in the field and even the core system itself may be made available from everywhere. Users would not be forced to spend their days in the newsroom but Octopus offers the freedom to work from anywhere.

WebTV is a great way of transforming traditional broadcasters and make the ever needed step towards younger generations. Collapsing the borders, entering markets that were not reachable before. Wherever the audience might be located, there is no easier way than to reach out to them using the internet.