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TV Newsroom Computer System

Octopus X is an adaptable and innovative newsroom computer system (NRCS). The latest Octopus X system facilitates a uniquely intuitive and equally powerful two-way digital and linear workflow, enabling newsrooms to adapt to future digital trends at their own pace. The Octopus system will modernise the news production workflows both for TV stations completely new to NRCS as well as for channels looking to upgrade.

The Octopus X system expedites real-time calendar-based editorial collaboration amongst news teams, from initial receipt of task notification to complete and advanced news rundown management. The latest Octopus NRCS offers advanced tools to publish your content to various CMS systems and leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Octopus newsroom computer system runs natively on all platforms and supports all languages. The NRCS comes with an advanced Journalist App that allows news teams to operate from any location while covering a story. Octopus X also comes with an optional iReporter module that allows news channels to convert viewers into an active community of citizen journalists.

Octopus X is suitable for all newsroom types and sizes, from a single channel with just a few bulletins per day up to a full-scale 24/7 news channels even with multiple locations connected to each others.

Octopus X integrates with 60+ partner technologies, making it easy to switch to Octopus, and keep your existing 3rd party technologies.