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What can you do with Octopus 12?

Octopus NRCS is suitable for all newsroom types and sizes, from a single channel with just a few bulletins per day up to full-scale 24/7 news channels even with multiple locations.

Collect and process newsfeeds

You can gather RSS feeds, set the news outlet of your preference, and monitor social media in real time to get a glimpse of all the fresh information flowing. You can also be the first to know about updates on your topics of interest by setting alerts on your Octopus interface or email address.  

Support for RSS feeds

Set the news outlet of your preference

Create notifications for relevant wires

Boost real-time collaboration

Experience smooth collaboration with your team! With enhanced features and a user-friendly design, Octopus Web Client brings the power of Octopus 12’s news production system to your browser. Access essential features effortlessly while enjoying real-time collaboration with your team.


Collaborative script

Easy insertion of all needed story elements

Integrate with other newsroom technologies

Octopus 12 seamlessly integrates with over 70 partner technologies, including teleprompters, Media Asset Management (MAM), playout, graphic and automation systems,  AI technologies, and more. This smooth collaboration with third-party systems ensures unique workflows and a swift, cost-effective transition to our newsroom system.

Plugin-less workflows with MAM and graphic systems

ChatGPT-based AI assistant

Supports third-party AI engines, including facial recognition and speech-to-text capabilities

Publish content on linear and digital platforms

Catching up with new TV trends means adapting your newsroom to new message delivery platforms such as social media and CMS systems. Yet let’s not forget the classics, linear publishing is a building block of our newsroom system. 

Multiplatform delivery of content

Enhance your social media presence

Deliver content in WordPress, Joomla, CoreMedia, Frankly

Octopus Web TV and social media publishing

Explore social media

Monitor trends, catch up with up-to-the-minute news and post content to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 




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