Octopus is a perfect fit for 24/7 sports channels to prepare all their sports-related news and studio shows.


Score big with Octopus 12

Octopus NRCS is a perfect fit not just for live broadcasting to cover the pre-game shows, halftime shows or post-game shows, but also for 24/7 sports channels to prepare all their sports-related news and studio shows.

End-to-end management of sports production

Manage the entire lifecycle of your live and pre-recorded content. Octopus empowers efficient handling of topics, video clips, live graphic manipulation and scripting (notably of questions, presenter-spoken introductions, and wraps).

Flexible architecture



Flexibility is essential as part of the excitement of sports is that anything can happen to disrupt the flow of a game. Octopus is flexible in terms of timing a show, easiness of use of the predefined show templates, flexibility to manage sudden changes, prepare backup content, or quickly move backup stories into the rundown at the last minute.


Last-minute rundown changes


Fast media editing with 3rd party integrations

Octopus 12 integrates with leading technology providers for Sports production.    

Native HTML5 support

Integration with prompters, graphic systems, and playout systems

Instant replays

Quick CG

Octopus deep collaboration with graphic systems enables users to quickly create, add, and change graphics and game statistics directly in Octopus. Running the graphic plugin in a separate window is not necessary. It is possible to natively add and preview the graphics within your rundown or story folders.

Plug-in-less workflows

Support for various graphic systems providers

Multiplatform delivery

Octopus offers linear and digital broadcasting to enable sports fans to enjoy their favorite events from anywhere.

Integration with social media

Publish to your CMS system

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