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can use Octopus X successfully!

Sports and live events

Octopus has a great deal of experience designing, integrating and commissioning broadcaster’s newsroom computer systems for sports coverage. The system is a perfect fit not just for live broadcasting to cover the pre-game shows, halftime show or post-game shows, but also for 24/7 sports channels to prepare all their sports-related news and studio shows.

For example, Octopus has been used by AT&T SportsNet and ROOT SPORTS, a group of regional sports networks operated AT&T Sports Networks, reaching over 13 million households across 22 states and own exclusive rights to produce and distribute live events from more than 25 professional NBA, NHL, NFL, and other teams and conferences.

Similarly to eSports production, Sports broadcasters also appreciate the flexibility of the system in terms of timing a show, easiness of use of the predefined show templates, flexibility to manage sudden changes, prepare backup content, or quickly move backup stories into the rundown at the last minute. Flexibility is essential as part of the excitement of sports television is that almost anything can happen to disrupt the flow of a game.

Sports production demands efficient handling of topics, video clips, live graphic manipulation and some degree of scripting – notably of questions, presenter-spoken introductions, and wraps.